Design a new project. Where to begin?

Table of Contents:

  • What designer should ask first?
  • What are the basics of future visual concept?
  • From what to start when building a design-system?

What designer should ask first?

Collaboration: Developers & UX/UI Design Collaboration it's one of the main clues to build a good product (keep in mind also Bussines and Client-oriented goals).

So, where to begin? Here is some question to ask developers before you start designing:

  • Agreed on how to hand over the deliverables & documentation
  • Will the site be built using a front-end framework?
  • What languages and libraries complement the development environment?
  • What functional limitations do the project have?
  • Which platforms will be supported?

If you want to get more details follow the link. Also, it's great to read about some tricks of BA&Designers collaboration.

What are the basics of future visual concept?

Do your Bussines owners already have a Brand Identity?

If the answer is “NO”, its time to show to Bussines owners the power of the band ( here you can find a guideline to shed some light on the subject of branding)

So here is a set of graphics assets and visual elements, including logo, brand colors, typography, illustrations, animations, and business cards.

Down below you can find the list of resources to look through about branding:

If the answer is “YES”, so you're a pretty lucky guy!

If the answer is “YES”, so you’re a pretty lucky guy!

If we are talking about digital products, this is the field where so many old-fashioned companies should adapt their Brandbooks that focused mostly on paper marketing & outdoor advertising. There are some steps to align your current design-work with product identity:

  • Conduct a visual audit
  • Create a visual design language ( Colors, Typography, Grids, Imagery)
  • Create a UI/pattern library
  • Document what each component is and when to use it

Keep going & let's know more about design systems.

From what to start when building a design-system?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a design system, it’s in some ways the next, better iteration of the style guides and internal design pattern libraries of times past. A design system is also the principles, templates, components, and best practices that guide an organization’s design efforts in crucial ways.

The Design System detailing depends on many factors. And the most common answer is: “It depends according to your project possibilities and restrictions”.

In the interview, When Do We Need A Design System?, — Vitaly Freedman and Brad Frost (author of the book Atomic Design) talking about the situation when it's necessary and when it's not, to build a design system. In Addition, you can find a great article of web developer at Accent Group below:

If there is the stars favor, so its time to start building your own design system, and here is some resources that will help you to launch it faster:

The cherry on the cake 🍒

Here is a list of open-sourced design libraries. Don’t hesitate to look at the great examples to gather some ideas and use them in your projects.

Good luck!


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