Travel mobile service: UX Case Study

Table of Contents:

  • User Research: User Interview
  • User Research: Affinity Diagram
  • Business Research: Product Canvas
  • User Research: Personas
  • User Research: Scenarios
  • Information Architecture​​​​​​​
  • User Stories
  • Wireframe

Case on Behance: Part 1, Part 2

The Challenge

Create a product that will help create full-fledged tours for any purpose and with any budget. In addition, the ability to create a full tour, you can also separately search and book accommodation, tickets, and excursions/impressions.

  • Monetization occurs at the expense of the agency commission.
  • The service should offer users those excursions/impressions and accommodation that will be relevant to their interests and budget.
  • Avoid aggressive imposing on users of the designer tours, should be the possibility of individual reservations back acting designer.
  • Platforms: cross-platform mobile app

User Research: User Interview

How might we…make a self-planning travel process easier for the users?

Let’s find key issues and direct feedback from our potential users by providing interviews. Below I briefly list critical questions that will help to highlight the main Pains and Needs of users.

Critical issues — represent hypothesis that is going to be proved or disproved during the interview:

  • Do users do travel-planning by themselves?
  • What does the process of self-planning travel look like?
  • What problems do users face with while planning trips?
  • Is there a better way to plan travel / solve user problems?

Full version of Questionnaire you can find here.

User Research: Affinity Diagram

according to the result of users interview lets organize many ideas into groups with common themes or relationships.

Affinity Diagram

Split all feedbacks to next categories: Problems, Fears, Goals, Ideas.

As we can see, current solutions are not now fully cover all users needs. Most issues cover lack of information in services that already in use. Also, there are many fears and difficulties while trip planning.

Business Research: Product Canvas

Designer should care about business to be able to adjust design decisions to
business goals and limitations. Product Canvas that you can find below is just an example (was created for case study) to show which metrics designers could operate with. So you can ask for them from the customer. You can Download a template or Overviewed it here.

Product Canvas

User Research: Personas

Creation of personas was based on live users interviews and data-based research (from relevant sources). If you are interested in overview data that I had collected through the research — check document here.

Persona Profile

Research results give enough information to create at least 3 different personas of Primary users. It’s useful to develop anywhere from 3 unique personas for a given project. Not all of them will be designed for — indeed, some personas are only defined to make it clear you are not defining for them (like negative personas or target audience that you will support less).

User Research: Scenarios

Let’s aggregate data from User Research and Competitor Research for creating User Scenarios. First step — its describing current User Experience.

As-Is User Scenario
To-be User Scenario
Conceptual Scenario (as is)

Information Architecture

User Stories

As a <type of user>, I want to <action/some goal> so that <outcome>

As a user, I would like:

  • to grab all needed information and documents before the trip so that can help manage my journey;
  • to discuss any ambiguous questions with other trip members;
  • to buy a tickets for the flight so I can reach the destination in time;
  • to view the flights in order of lowest to highest fares, so that i can choose my flight accordingly;
  • to review the flight details after i have selected my choice and before i make the payment, so that I can be sure there have been no errors;
  • to have a smooth and easy way of making an online payment, so that I can get thru my transaction without any hassles.
  • to receive a confirmation of booking once my transaction is done, so that I can be assured of travel booking;
  • to have the option of modifying my search on the results page, so that I do not have to go back to make change;
  • to get timely reminders of my travel so that i do not forget about my travel;


Low-fidelity Wireframes
High-Fidelity Wireframes

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